Vaccination for Pregnant Women: A 2-for-1 Strategy

CTA CoverNFID, with support from several of the nation’s leading health organizations (AAP, ACOG, and CDC), is calling on pregnant women, their partners, families, and healthcare providers, to open up the lines of communication about vaccines needed before, during, and after pregnancy. As part of a new Family Vaccines Initiative, the program empowers expectant parents so they can make informed decisions and become lifetime immunization advocates for their entire families.

The initiative includes a Call to Action— Improving Vaccination Rates in Pregnant Women: Timely intervention – lasting benefits as well as on online Family Vaccines Resource Center to help consumers learn more about the vaccines they need and encourage increased dialogue with their healthcare team. The online resource center centralizes a variety of free educational resources for expectant mothers, new parents, and healthcare professionals.

“Vaccination is a two-for-one healthcare intervention for pregnant women because it not only protects expectant mothers and improves the chances of a healthy delivery, but it also helps to protect babies during their first few months of life when they are too young to respond to vaccinations,” said Carol J. Baker, MD, chair of NFID’s Family Vaccines Initiative, and Professor of Pediatrics, Molecular Virology & Microbiology, Baylor College of Medicine.

The initiative encourages all expecting or new mothers/parents to:

  • learn about vaccines available to prevent infectious diseases;
  • understand the recommended immunization schedule for all family members;
  • receive all recommended vaccines; and
  • advise other expecting or new mothers/parents about the importance of recommended vaccines for themselves and their families.

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