Parents – we matter too!

Vaccinations for parents are just as important as those for children. Learn more about which vaccines adults need on


plane More often than not, parents put their children before themselves. When you become a parent, your own wants and needs take a back seat almost immediately. However, think about the last time you took a flight – as the captain prepared for takeoff and the flight attendant gave the mandatory “safety information” speech, you probably heard these instructions: “If you are traveling with a child, apply your own oxygen mask before assisting the child.” I’m no aviation expert, but I believe this is recommended because if the adults do not apply their oxygen first, they physically will not be able to help the child next to them. There are times that we (as parents) have to focus on ourselves in order to protect our children and others around us. Getting vaccinated as an adult is a prime example.

A couple of years ago (before I had a baby and received…

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