Chatting about Flu (on Twitter)

In partnership with NFID (@NFIDvaccines) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) influenza division (@CDCFlu), Richard Besser, MD chief health and medical editor at ABC News (@abcDrBchat), hosted a live tweet chat on influenza (flu) prevention on September 29, 2015 (using hashtag #abcDrBchat.) Scheduled to coincide with the start of flu season in the US, the chat provided an opportunity for individuals to ask questions around flu, flu vaccines, and other prevention strategies. Participating medical experts encouraged everyone six months and older to get vaccinated annually to help #FightFlu.

Highlights from the Twitter chat included the following:

The chat began with a focus on the impact that flu has each season…

Follow on discussion topics included the importance of getting an annual flu vaccine, when and who should get vaccinated, and the importance of practicing healthy habits to prevent the spread of flu…

Information was shared about the various flu vaccine options available this year…

Common concerns about flu vaccines were addressed…

NFID shared how to tell the difference between the flu and a cold and what you should do if you, or a family member, gets sick with the flu…

Participants responded to difficult questions about the efficacy of this season’s flu vaccine compared to last season, as well as the progress being made towards the development of a universal flu vaccine…

Many also shared tips for busting myths around flu vaccines…

The Twitter chat concluded with participants sharing valuable resources about flu…

Finally, as host, Dr. Besser thanked all for participating and encourage everyone to #GetVaccinated!

For more information on how to prevent flu, visit

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