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Spreading Awareness Through Social Media

As 2019 begins, take a moment to connect with NFID on your favorite social media platforms to help spread trusted and timely information…


Sharing Best Practices

The NFID Clinical Vaccinology Course encourages sharing of best practices through poster presentations and interactive sessions led by expert faculty featuring the latest information on updated vaccine recommendations and innovative and practical strategies for ensuring timely and appropriate immunization…

6 Tips To Increase Healthcare Professional Vaccination Rates

Immunization is an essential component of disease prevention and control. Preventing healthcare-associated transmission of infectious diseases protects patients, healthcare professionals, their families, and their communities. Those who work directly with patients or handle materials that may spread infection should be vaccinated in order to reduce the chances of acquiring or spreading vaccine-preventable diseases…

2014-15 Influenza Season: A Year to Remember

Like most children’s hospitals, Children’s of MN received a high number of infectious diseases cases this flu season and sadly, four children died in our hospital of influenza this year, also a new record…They were toddlers to teens, healthy and with chronic conditions, and mostly unvaccinated.

Vaccine Storage and Handling Really Matters

A special thank you to Kelly L. Moore, MD, MPH, Director of the Tennessee Immunization Program at the Tennessee Department of Health, for this interview on the importance of proper vaccine storage and handling. For additional tips and strategies on vaccine storage and handling, register to attend the NFID Fall 2014 Clinical Vaccinology Course in Houston, TX on November […]

A Son’s Life Cut Short By Influenza

My son, Jacob Ryan Schmidt of Baytown, TX, was a semi-pro competitive martial arts expert, strong as a bull, and enjoying life as a family man. In April of 2010, at the age of 27, he succumbed to complications from H1N1 influenza. He had not been vaccinated against the illness. Jacob was not someone you’d […]

A Daughter Lost to Meningococcal Disease

My daughter, Adrienne, was a loving, funny, and intelligent 16-year-old who played clarinet in her high school band. Her life was tragically cut short on January 28, 2001 from meningococcal disease, a serious, yet vaccine-preventable infection. Adrienne went with her sister to see a movie and when she got home she complained she wasn’t feeling […]