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Every year in the US, more than 2 million people get infections that are resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 people die as a result. Taking an antibiotic when it is not needed can lead to the development of antibiotic resistance. Each time someone takes unnecessary antibiotics, they increase their risk of developing an infection […]


A special thank you to NFID Director, Patricia A. Stinchfield, RN, MS, CPNP from the Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota for this interview on the importance of vaccination for healthcare professionals. For additional tips and strategies on vaccinating healthcare professionals, attend the NFID Spring 2014 Clinical Vaccinology Course in Seattle, WA on March 21-23, 2014. To join the […]


The Maurice R. Hilleman Early-Stage Career Investigator Award is awarded by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) every year to a “promising scientist in the early stages of their careers in any field of vaccinology, from basic research, through pre-clinical and clinical studies, manufacturing, and production, to related research in public health, agriculture, health delivery, policy, […]

2014 NFID Awards Dinner

This week, the stars came out to celebrate at the “Oscars of Infectious Diseases” and to honor two outstanding leaders in the field at the 2014 NFID Awards Dinner. David Walton, MD, MPH was awarded the 2014 Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Humanitarian Award and Richard L. Guerrant, MD received the 2014 Maxwell Finland Award for Scientific Achievement. During his acceptance speech, Dr. […]

Originally posted on Shot of Prevention:
While the majority of people support immunizations and recognize their value in reducing the incidence of disease around the world, there are a handful of people who cling to the preposterous idea that some big vaccine conspiracy exists that will lead the “sheeple” to their doom.  They claim conspirators include doctors, scientists, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.  However, by familiarizing ourselves with the reporting structure…

Richard L. Guerrant, MD

Each recipient of the NFID Maxwell Finland Award for Scientific Achievement has a story to tell–from their early beginnings, to career advancement and accomplishments, to colleagues and mentors to thank. One story that they all tell is what winning the prestigious award means to them. For the 2014 Maxwell Finland Awardee, Richard L. Guerrant MD, “This […]

Adult Vaccines

NFID hosted a successful inaugural Twitter chat on 2/20/14 to discuss the new National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) Standards for Adult Immunization Practice. With 50 tweets from nearly 20 contributors, the estimated reach of the chat was approximately 5,000 accounts and 29,000 impressions. Highlights of the discussions follow. Topic 1 focused on how healthcare professionals (HCPs) could best ASSESS […]


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